The New Age Revived

by Ss4gogeta0
The New Age Revived
This is The original Game that got me started on byond.
Host in 3.5 only

After being on byond for 3 years i realized that most of the people dissapear of the site.
Some of the people who just fade away i know.
and one of em is someone that got me started on byond.(BTW that was 3 years ago) if i never would have met him... i wouldnt be here.
anyway here is a tribute to Nick and all the other people i know that played DBZ TNA.

this game is made by Nick so all credit should go to him not me.
Added in GM's and Guilds...
also added in 2 GM lounges...
And A SHIT load of new clothing items.
also i removed most of the zeta icons and did a new map...
and here are the GM's
Kauhner 1
Darker Emerald
Lightning Dragon(Log In As LD)
If I Go Carazy
BigBoid(Log In As Kica)
and Kenshin 12
Old as shit...
wont let me download why?