Era of The Shinobi

by Seventh
A Ninja Roleplay Game
Did that, got null routed.
Get the game online !! :O
The server is on right now you can join the hub is being trollish right now.
It's offline again? What's the problem now, Seventh? Please answer me!
Yeah,wasn't this the 2nd time today/yesterday? Seventh,please get the game back on-We all miss it!!!
Please get this back on!!!!!!!
chill out guys pls...let them work this thing out...let's just hope this isn't another DDOS attack...but an update(something about that incident)...or a TS...
What incident you're talking about?
In response to PepDJ
Idk...He probably means something about some coding error or something.What ever it is,I hope they find out an bring it back up as soon as possible-I miss the game so much!
Koriama, add me on the BYOND. I'm Hazashi, remember?
Smdh ...
Soooo is this game only up at american night time?
Nope. Yesterday was open all day.
So what advice would you give to a newbie?
Why's the game down? D:
Game updates?
omfg put it upp! i cant live without itttt
It'll be nice to get some feedback from staff ...
Same reason as before, DDoS. Once again we're planning on switching shells.
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