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A Completely Original Fantasy RPG
It makes me sad to think that the majority of special content on Everland will be Member-only. I understand that you want to give clear-cut benefits to those who can give money, but you shouldn't limit the content of the free players if you want to have a large playerbase. This sort of thing has choked many games, BYOND-based or otherwise.
Nice to see this game is improving!

At first I thought it was going to be simple, but there's so much more now!

Keep up the good work!

Also, add in a barber by the way xD, I still have no hair.
Also it would be nice to craft helmets and belts as well (since I thought those would be in blacksmith)
In response to Eiry
Among the updates I just finished posting, we have added Barbers to the game! (version 0.33)

Secondly, I'm through insisting that Everland not be promoted, (sadly just in time for guilds and Byond/Within to be things of the past). So, any help getting the word out will be greatly appreciated. Tell your friends! And if anyone has suggestions on where we can finally promote the game in today's new Byond setup please let me know!
Submit a request to onrpg.com and mmorpg.com as well as a quick easy facebook page.Tried and true method! By the way i am very impressed with this game, it feels like a real mmo and the only thing it needs is regular updates no matter how small, so i am very excited to see you add to the game like the update you just did. Thanks!
I love this game. A MMO without the massive download. It's a shame for the 3d MMo's are nothin compared to this game
We need more people! This game is so great yet so few play it. I myself am at the current level cap so i don't come around much but we need some others around. If anyone is wanting to start and needs a little help be sure to add me to the pager, Sanox2u.
this is such an awesome game all original i have to give major props to the owner of this game great job bro. as for suggestions you could add town building for guilds only and for regular guildless players like myself why not add the ability to build trading posts around allied guild territories with the permission of the guild leader of the guild town they are building a trading post near of course and since you can sail why not add islands that guilds can fight over and take over territories and build towns on which is where the town building comes into play and then that would be a great faction pvp activity as the good factions and the evil factions battle each other for territory by taking over enemy guild islands by destroying their town and castle which would be in the town. anyways this game deserves more players so if you haven't checked this game out yet it's definitely worth a try. invite your friends to join and spread the word.
That's right. Everland is back online! Special thanks to our 24 hour host. Improvements and updates will be put out as we can make them, (the most recent being a reliable day/night cycle). Tell your friends!
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