Shaman King: Spirit Saga

by Leronx2
Shaman King: Spirit Saga
An epic Shaman King Anime/Manga based game that you will surely enjoy. A great Shaman King spin-off, giving you the side story of Yoh as Shaman King.
WE ARE MOVING!!!!!!!!!!

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The Game

Right now I am not exactly sure when the real release date will be, I'm hoping to finish the whole game soon and then test it a few times till a grand opening on whatever that date may be.
Also, for those whom wish to learn more about Shaman King you can check these sites...
People, information concerning the game is "always" found in the forums: before hand, so please go to the forum first for more information on the game and its release date.

Tsugumi Ohba for ideas and concept for this game.

Special thanks to IAmWhoIAm for making this possible!!!


Now to explain to you further, there are three servers that will be hosted within this hub only unless we might change that or during special occasions.

1. Chat Server
This server is for questions and applications, mainly, but we are now giving direct links to news and updates. The chat server will be hosted only during situations such as this: waiting for the game to launch, or if there is maintenance going on. Any situation when the main server is not hosted, this server takes the place.

2. Private Server/Test Server
Simple as that, the private servers are servers created for testing purposes. Before we actually release the main server, all bugs will be tested within this server and updates. There will be two hosts that you should be aware of soon enough that will distinguish things from private to main. Also the private server is where a lot of the "fun" stuff is done; more into that will be discussed in the forum.

3. Main Server
The main server is known as the 'real' game, which provides everything you may find in the private server, but updated with bug free systems. Our testers and staff will make sure to check and update all non-working systems to keep the Main server responding well and efficient. The main server will be opened during events till whatever the date may be at the Grand Opening.


Following the same lengths as most games, we do not and will not encourage anyone to vote for the game. Voting for the game is only encouraged by your liking, doing so will only receive an appreciation note through your forum account and having your name up on the forum's support list. Still, we do give out a few bonuses to those who join the BYOND membership; more into that will be discussed in the forum.

Contact Us:
If you think you can help contact me at [email protected] or leave a message on the game's forum

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Disclaimer: We take no credit from this game however all of the icons are original thus ripping/copying of this game is STRICTLY prohibited! Caught of ripping/copying any source of this game means a report to BYOND Staff.

Copyright 2009-2010 Shaman King and Hiroyuki Takei. Shaman King: Spirit Saga All rights reserved.

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when will this be open
Blackswitch wrote:
when will this be open

in a bit we still doin sum stuff
how early is the game?do you have a rough release date?
i hope this game will belive soon
i really wanna play this. cant wait
Masterdan wrote:

wow you think our game is coll thx you very much thats a honor
i realy want to play this game when is it cooming out
when is it coming out the screenshot of it looks cool
I love shaman king in fact i'm rewatching and reading the series again!
wanna knwo when this'll be out soon
Don't give BobbyAwesome the host files, he's just gonna rip your icons.
Lord Ulquiorra wrote:
Don't give BobbyAwesome the host files, he's just gonna rip your icons.

Ohhhh, Looks nice.
Lord Ulquiorra wrote:
Don't give BobbyAwesome the host files, he's just gonna rip your icons.

its bobbyawesome
can't w8 till it comes out ^^ (good iconing ^^b)
The owner quit a long time ago on this.
he should give me his source x_x
So you can spread it to the whole byond community.
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