Shaman King: Spirit Saga

by Leronx2
Shaman King: Spirit Saga
An epic Shaman King Anime/Manga based game that you will surely enjoy. A great Shaman King spin-off, giving you the side story of Yoh as Shaman King.
this game still being worked on? considering it says last update was almost 2months ago
Such a waste of a good game...I remember the time when this game was on, it was so much fun... too bad too bad
Hey Leronx2, if you still want to do this game and do the art for it... I can code the game myself... Only it would be An actual PC game and not Byond type of game(I find byond system very limited...) Also if anyone who wants to have this game and does good art work contact me... and we will start building it!

Contact me on:
Skype: edik0094
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Eduard Brown (or the email above)
Twitter: @eduardcoolbrown
i have shaman king game in the making. Whos intrested in helping? Email me @[email protected]

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