Pokemon Dark Red

by Aaronland
Pokemon Dark Red
Join the world of Pokemon Dark Red. Catch, Train, Battle.

Pokemon Dark Red is a fan-made mmo based on the popular series Pokemon. Which combines the mechanics of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and the main series. Start off as a trainer and catch new pokemon you encounter. Maneuver and strike your opponents in real time based battles. Travel alone or travel with friends as you obtain badges, complete quest, and conquer dungeons. Pick and choose from more then 400+ Pokemon to create your ultimate Pokemon team! Start your Pokemon journey today!



- 16 AI controlled gym leaders.
- 2 regions to explore!
- 50+ TMs.
- Daily quest.
- Ranked PVP battles!
- Day and Night based encounters.
- Randomly generated dungeons that can be enjoyed with other players!
- A number of stat based modifiers(Natures, Base Stats, EVs, IVs).
- Character titles to define your character.
- Large assortment of items to improve your pokemon or assist you in battle.
- Team Rocket and Police rivalry.
- And much more!

Blame Frost. Just kidding :P. Sorry wasn't at computer and didn't notice. Should be up now.
Umm, im not able to play this game, any reason why?
it always says failed connection
Hey, yeah, I can't connect either. It says Connection failed.
I have been baned for 3months, Its my first bann and I have sent a bann report if u read this Im srry and Plz unbann me
why is the server off ?
Can I have my first edition level 100 Charizard back? Let's avoid going to BYOND court over this. Thanks.
I can become part of the staff?
Put the game back uppp!!!! DDDD:
looks good. when back?
kenapa saya tidak bisa masuk ke dalam game ya???
why i can not get into the game?
you are not coming back with the game?
Game is officially back, however for whatever reason it is completely incompatible with Byond v511, and players should revert to version v510 if they're wanting to play without drastic issues.

You can download older versions of byond from the archive, but I'll post a direct link here: http://www.byond.com/download/build/510/510.1320_byond.exe
Game now has its own Discord channel join here >https://discord.gg/ZKFerT
Someone please help me, my game will not start, could someone send me to HUD?
Is the game meant to come back? Because it goes online, but only for people with access.
??? D:
Back pokemon dark red!!!!!
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