Shinobi Of Legend

by Saucepan Man
Shinobi of Legend (SoL) is a Ninja MMORPG. Set on an expansive map, players can train their characters to match their own unique playing style. Training can be done solo, co-op, or by just playing the game.
why cant i join?
why can't i join?
dammit i can't join
can unbame pls
why is off?
Lol.. Guess the host cant handle someone talking back to them. I like how you ban me for no reason but i bet your gunna say I "abused". What a great Host SOL has these days
Just joined this game again, after a year or two.

And so should you. If you don't well, fuck you. ;)
Chumble93 wrote:
In case anyone is wanting it dont mean to spam but Sasukehawk is falsly accusing me of selling there source so now I am publicly releasing it Just trying to get it out there feel free to delete this comment with no hard feelings

I feel hard for you. Absolutely no-body gives two shits for the source you're distributing around here. You're an attention seeking prideless retard. Such accusations, such nobility. Title granted - Utter faggotry, go code a line or two then go around "publicly releasing" it.

Anyways, everyone else, re-join us! We miss all y'all.
Unban me. I just said the fuck in ooc cause i failed at chunin and then i got banned i think. Why? the curse word wasn't even shown.
Screwy please unban me
You were caught AFK training and was wiped for it as a punishment. This game is in no way trashy and there is a lot of players, GMs included, that enjoy playing. There is some questionable management, but there isn't as much abuse as you claim there is.
uuuuuugh........i get off work and its down Darn it Screwy screwball mcall!!!! TURN IT ON lawl
so the game goes down everynight????
WTF SON Games been down for a while did screwy die? nuuuuuuuuu anyways lets get it up asap when i get off work u kno what i like to do.... kage kubi shabari or however u spell it lol i like strangling ppl with my shadow i love that shiz... so lets help me by putting us back up
this shit is gettin wack lol so we have to wait for it to reeboot again to get back on right?
which is 2marrow morning lol jus great
mystery broke it even tho that picture was nice i blame u for theeeeeeeees
Gms on sol have been trash for along time and ban every one that they don't like.sol gms ban the gms u will have 100 players all the time.
this game needs to begin getting updates, if spm can't do it he needs to let someone else. there is so many bugs and so many things that need changing. I can see sol loosing all of it's players again if something isn't done about it
so there are like 6 people on, but it won't let me connect?
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