Shinobi Of Legend

by Saucepan Man
Shinobi of Legend (SoL) is a Ninja MMORPG. Set on an expansive map, players can train their characters to match their own unique playing style. Training can be done solo, co-op, or by just playing the game.
In response to Joshwareham
They were all either AFK/AFKing when the game shut off, or they're just sitting there waiting for it to come back up. Either way, we have to wait for the host to see the game's offline.
This game is dead dam get better gms
Man u guys buried sol so bad.

........... .. . . .
so i asnwered my questions for the genin exam, now do i just wait for is there something i have to click to know if i passed or not?

So how much does being ban for asking "Fry can you wipe" last for? Reply please.
Hi guys!

I played the game long time ago and I really liked it. But the frequent server issues made me forgot about it for a while.

What if WE bring this game to the .com, mobile and more???
Let me know if you are interested on it.
Will it work mate when will u start hosting it back?
This game is amazing but the Gms enjoy to abuse there power. This is the reason I play Xbox one games instead of a game run by a bunch of 15 year old children. I hope this game gets taken off just like every other game that has a gm base of children. I hope you all understand also that this is a byond game it will amount to absolutely nothing in 4 years it will be the same game. Take this off
Side note ---> go find some GM's who have maturity. I really don't understand why byond games continuously give mod powers to little kids its 'beyond me' aha, but seriously though your gms suck.
So why is the game down?
i have a pick of shadow deamon death avoiding me
I can and am willing to host this again. Interest dwindled so put it down, just message me and I will get it done
I put the game online
Guys connect to

Susanoo Phoenix wrote:
i got jailed waited 8 hours and then server shuts down right before my time is up and im pretty sure that resets it , can logging not affect your jail time plz.

Hey guys, anyone know why the game is down? Or when it's supposed to go back online?
I wish to leave a kind message for sol it was good to have met you and you are always going to stay in all the former players hearts you used to be a nice and funny game it makes me sad thinking how you died and why you died but sadly everything must go one day at least you will remain in all our memories

RIP SOL my friend of many many fucking to many years
In response to Buahhhhkiller
It died?
serious the game is starting to piss me off 3 crashes in 1 day and i lost over 3k feathers on 2 of them
Blame fry
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