Shinobi Of Legend

by Saucepan Man
Shinobi of Legend (SoL) is a Ninja MMORPG. Set on an expansive map, players can train their characters to match their own unique playing style. Training can be done solo, co-op, or by just playing the game.
that was my first idea that it could be a host problem but after crashing 3 times in so little time couldnt it be a code problem ?
It's not a code problem lol - It's a host problem.
ok ok i was just asking lolol
i vote we fire fry as host and hire donald trump
Hi guys, one quick and maybe stupid question. How the levels are set up in this game?! I mean howmuch exp for levelling up and how much damage hit is determined?

I am asking this cuz I might be interested in continuing with this project.

Sol why you down T_T
Wiiiiiiipe please. My mamma told me single berries aren't healthy for buttox
let's put online 24/7 pls
Anyone still play?
Thanks for everything mystery and fry you guys made alot of my days easier to deal with.
Good Bye SoL. Rest In Peace :( I will miss you and everyone that comes with it T_T Goodbye byond too

---- Simply Yours,
domo arigato myst and fry as well as my fellow SoL players. You will always be remembered
Are their any links to more up to date host files, the ones on the page are lacking the QoL stuff the newer versions have.
Mystery clones sparring for reflexes are extremely slow not due to the gains but due to drain it should drain depending on your stamina but no it looks like it always drains completely in less than 10 secs so you keep resting barely sparring
byond:// for anyone trying to join. br hosting main server wont set the shit to public
why is it down ;C
Update 3/25/2020:Added the actual link this one should work.(Was wondering why no one joined) :I
And if anyone has more updated files i could use that instead of the old files.
Server Status:Online Players:1
-Non Moderated
-Rank Rewards(From Storage Alt)
-Low Rates
Hub Seems down so i'm posting this here, hope players join there will be no moderation so play how you'd like, its an old version so its missing all the QoL functions of the newer version but, atleast its something to do.
Rank Rewards(Ex:Chuunin,Special Jounin,Etc):
-1500 Feathers
-150 Rocks
New Link Posted Sorry hope that one works.
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