Icon blender

by Jeff8500
This is a small program that will mix colors in an icon. It will also supersize an icon. Pretty fun to play with when your bored, you just have to be careful that you don't overwrite your old files.
This will mix the colors in an icon with another color. It can also supersize an icon(Watch out, it makes the icon larger and wont show states!)


First, upload an icon into the program.

Next, Choose blend or supersize

After that, Enter the RBG value of the color you want to blend the icon with, or enter the length and width you want to increase the icon's size to.

Lastly, hit Save Icon and enter the name you wish to save it under.

You MUST add .dmi to the end of the file name or it will corrupt.

Also, it will NOT display the icon states for supersized icons. You must enter the icon state in this format: "(icon state name) (coordinates(0,0 for southwest corner, 1,1 for the loc northest of 0.0 etc))"

Interesting Color Effects

RGB 0,0,0 makes a full black shadow

RGB 255,0,0 gives makes the icon red with the original detail (0,255,0 and 0,0,255 give the same effects, just with different colors)

Colors can be made like normal colors, for example 150,0,150 would give it a purplish hue.