by Calus CoRPS
A simple text editor that allows users to share text easily online.
OurPad is a simple text editor which allows users to share text easily online. Files which are opened and saved with this program are typically the .txt and .dm extensions. Currently, such extensions as .doc and .docx can not be opened by this program.

  • Send Button – Send your typed text onto the Dream Maker Window so the ‘world’ can view your information. This will also create a new tab which displays the text.
  • Who Button – View the current users online.
  • Delete Button – Delete the current tab you are viewing.
  • Open Window Button – View the current tab’s text on a resizable and moveable window.
(To access such tabs you will need to first open the file tab)
  • New – Erase all text on the input field.
  • Open – Open a certain file for the world, will be shown on the Dream Maker Window.
  • Save – Save the current text on the Dream Make Window.
  • Host/Preference – Set your hosting preferences.
  • Lummox JR’s Syntax Highlighter
  • Built in DM Guide
  • Built in DM Reference
  • Files that have the same name as an existing files will have its text added to the older file’s text.
  • Program with your friends.
  • Help your friends with their homework.
Useful Notes:
  • All files saved will be stored where the OurPad files are located.

Users, please post bug reports and suggestions on the forums.