The Trinity Star

by Polatrite
The Trinity Star
The Trinity Star, a small galaxy made up of three planets, each with a unique theme.
The Trinity Star series has been discontinued.

The Trinity Star, a minor galaxy, in a very far-off corner of the universe. This galaxy is home to a unique form of humanoid, one that can 'edit' it's blood to improve it's racial qualities. The species now lives on all three planets, Liphyon, the main planet, is most like Terra, or our earth. Bardn, is nearly a complete wasteland. Trees and grass are scarce, however vicious mutated animals are not. The third and final planet, Triad, is the leader planet. Completed covered in cityscape, it boosts the most advanced technologies and only those with true wealth can afford to live there.

The Trinity Star combat system is unique, borrowing from oldstyle text muds (diku/merc/rom), and featuring a fair time-based action combat.

'One of the most captivating BYOND games I have played' -Talous
'Extraordinary combat system, it's awesome' - Reokon
'This game is mad phat!' -Lord Baramos
'What can i say.. It is simply the best' -Zagato

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The Trinity Star