Rebirth of Magic

by SyncWolf
Rebirth of Magic
In a world of magic. Good versus Evil fights to control the city and eventually the world.
I really wish a reliable host would step in and host.. I still have Co-owner powers, so anyone interested in running a server and would like help setting it up with story and what not, page me. Vengeful Scorpio
I can host one on my VPS. Assuming someone else would be running the server.
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You should throw the server up, I will either manage the server myself, or find someone suitable to do it.
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I've thrown one up for you. It's a new VPS I've just recieved, and I notice that games don't seem to show up on the hub. I'm not sure why and already made a forum post about it. If the problem doesn't resolve I'll go ask Tom or Lummox for help. Until then: should be the url needed to connect.
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Older versions of CRoM don't show up on the hub either. It's not a BYOND issue, but rather a hub setting. I'd recommend downloading the latest version from the official website. The hub download might be a bit outdated.
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Good to know, however the version I used was indeed up to date. I'll have to look into it more.
Alright, I got it figured out. If you guys are still interested in the dedicated server let me know. It's running Debian Wheezy, 4 Cores @ 3.1GHz, 16 Gigs of RAM and it's dedicated, not a shared VPS.

Also, why is the world in pixel movement mode? I hate how everything is jumpy. =[
You know, that actually bothered me as well. I remember trying a few things but somehow the pixel movement issue kept going.
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SyncWolf wrote:
You know, that actually bothered me as well. I remember trying a few things but somehow the pixel movement issue kept going.

If you offset things in the map editor it changes an atoms step_x which forces the world into pixel movement. You can go and edit the map file in your default text editor and find and replace step_x/step_y with pixel_x/pixel_y. Also, ensure that you don't use those variables or any other variables that will put your world into pixel movement mode.

Also, ensure that there are no savefiles that will load these values after correcting the problem, otherwise the world will just revert again. If you need help, let me know. I'm sure you can handle it though.

Edit: See here.
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For starters. Thanks for the tip. It has been months but I don't think I looked at anything in the map before.

Apparently I did have something using step_x/y in specific maps. I'm also guessing the werewolf speed which mimics speed by using step_size was related.

Seems to have fixed the pixel movement issue. :)
This game never gets hosted anymore T.T. It's so sad the source it just gonna get wasted on someone's computer. Such a waste ):.
True story.
Lol it had a good run at least. Tbh you're reasonable but still, meh. Good job Sync, ty for all the years.
Still think about this game, every so often. Lol.
What would one need in order to become a host? I used to love playing this game. There was a time where we could even download a copy to our own computer to play and host for others, but I can't even find the game to play, let alone host for some others to play...
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The host files are still available on the official website for the game.
That is awesome! :)
Still up and kicking.
Thanks for the memories, C:ROM. -Gemini
Is version 4.0.0+ not going to be released on the website?
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