Naruto: Unforgiving Shinobi

by Deathro
1)No Spamming
2)no Obscene named
3)No Sexuall or racial comments
4)Keep Cursing to a minimum
5)No names like s4yg00dby3 or anything in leet or dudespeak

.-.-.GM Rules -.-.-
Dont Abuse your powers i'm checking my gm log every day i can catch you
Just cause your gm your not better then everyone
Be Nice
Help Others

Kage Rules:

Only 1 sage
16 Anbu (Not counting Cap
5 Special Jounin
2 Tokubostu Jounin

Genin, (hosted by me)
Chuunin (Hosted by me)
Jounin (lv 25k)
Anbu( Lv 50k)
Anbu Cpt (70k)
Hunter Nin (80k)
Sannin (100k)
Sage (120k)
Kage (150k)

Medical Captain: Open
Medical Co-Captain Open
Member 1)
Member 2)
Member 3)
Member 4)
Member 5)


Hokage: Open
Kazekage: Open
Hoshikage Open
Fumakage Open

[u/] Burumanako Is Now for Nonclans That have sharingan or a uchiha that lsot 1 eye like obito Get lv 25000 and i'll give it to u manually

.-.-.Storyline-.-.- (note i'm not gonna follow the whole serie storyline i'm making a bit of it up)

3 Years after the timeskip Chiyo And gaara seek out to find Obito's Burried grave and revive him, they find him at the grass village still under that massive boulder. They revive him And when Obito Activates His sharingan He notices something different, it is not sharingan Anymore its Burumanako Chiyo and Gaara Are shocked , Chiyo Sent Gaara off to find Kakashi and bring him to obito, Now Its Your Turn to Complete your Own Destiny Join now!