Anime Ultamate Fighter

by Ikfatzilla
Anime Ultamate Fighter
A Naruto/Bleach/DragonBall Z Fightghing game that evreyone will like !!!
Owner -~~~ Ikfatzilla ~~~


Host: Goku super sayian 4
Iconer: 123Azul321

(need more People to work on my game with me if u are a iconer contact me at ... [email protected])
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Uzamaki Clan
Uchiha Clan
Seyan Race
Namic Race
Key Blader

New Bace !!
Changling Race
Nara Clan
Axle Race
More Villages/City's
Add more current race teq's
add extra Heartless Transformations
add more Transformations to dbz races
And MUCH more to come...

**********GM RULES**********




1. NO SPAMMING / FLOODING Chat! You may experience the best Mute verb on Byond.

2. No verbally harassing other players or Staff.

3. DO NOT EVER ask for admin abilities. You will be muted and if you persist, booted.

4. Do not kill in SPAWN points. First Offense is a warning/jail.
The second offense is being booted or Jailed and your character MAY be deleted. On the
third offense YOU WILL BE BANNED for 24 hours and your character WILL be deleted.

5. Do not beg for your statistics to be boosted. YOU WILL BE MUTED.

6. Find a bug? Post it on our forums or let an Admin know about it.
If you are caught bug abusing or informing other players about bugs,
YOU WILL BE BANNED for 24 hrs. and your character deleted.

7. Respect every admin. If you verbally abuse them YOU WILL BE MUTED OR BANNED.

8. If you impersonate an admin YOU WILL BE BANNED for 24 hours.

9. No AFK-Training except for sparring. This includes using EZ MACROS or any third party program
to help you train while you are not at the keyboard. If you are caught, you will be banned
for 24 hrs. and your character MAY be deleted.

10. No Relogging to avoid dying, jail, mute, deportation or ban. The first time you are caught its a 24 hr. ban,
The second time is a 10 day ban. Third time, permanant ban.

11. No multikeying for any reason. If you are caught multikeying you will be banned for 24 hrs. or more and
your character MAY be deleted.

12. Enjoy the game. If you don't like it or like how the games run by the admins, go to forums and express
your suggestions and concerns or leave.

13. USING GUEST KEY IS PROHIBITED!!!!!! Guest key will be booted and character deleted!!!!

14. Do not abuse fix character verb, fix black screen or AFK verbs. Consquences will be given if caught doin this.

15. Do not "roll-up" on Owner or System Admins. If you need assistance, speak to a Game Moderator or
Game Administrator first.

16. Do not ask for village changes other than to Akatsuki or Sound Village after you complete S0 Rank Quest,
kill an Akatsuki Member, and your rank is Jounin {ANBU Elite} and BEFORE you become Sannin.
DO NOT ASK FOR SOUND 5 VILLAGE INVITE!!! Sound 5 Village is only available from Sound 5 Inviter in Maze of Death Quest.

17. Do not ever ask for clan change.

18. Do not Spam kill or spam attacks.

19. Absolutey no mentioning(good or bad) other games or servers. This will get you banned, muted and your file
may be deleted.

20. Absolutey no attacking other players in the Student training Village or in Exams. This will get you
jailed and then, if you persist, Booted from Student Village with loss of stats.

21. When an admin summons you or teleports to you do not run away cause you may be jailed!

22. Do not kill a Demon you are unable to seal unless you get permission from an admin first and no one is
trying to seal it!

So far u can pick from the .....


Sasuke01 Pictures, Images and Photos

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Key Blader

heartless Pictures, Images and Photos

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