Baruto: A Ninja's Adventure

by Sphinxe1
Baruto: A Ninja's Adventure
A game that follows the life and story of ninjas.


Combination Fighting Style
Using a number of Taijutsu abilities in deadly combinations ensure your victory on the battlefield.

Engaging Techniques
Most of our techniques within the game incorporate a way to engage the player in it. Whether this is selecting appropriate arrow keys, or using a previously required technique.

Stunning Graphics
All our graphics are drawn and crafted by our amazing pixel artist: Sphinxe1, and really bring the Naruto universe to life.

Fun Missions
Tired of grinding? In N:NA we allow you to do fun, exciting missions that incorporate the entire player-base in PVP styled game-play.

Intricate Gameplay
With our specialization, clan, and elemental affinity systems we allow the player to truly customize their character's abilities in the game.
This game is Bomb
Absolutely a-ma-zing!

This game looks NOTHING like it's predecessor. This game has a chance to be a pioneer for 3D effects. Best of luck to the development team. You have a real jewel on your hands.
Its Looking Great I will add it to My guild
This Game is realy Goood Its BEttta dan a Monsta on a flame wagan wearing a turtle suit in the sun MAN THE SUN Anywayzzzzzz Im Sakunira On Da Game. Cool game MAN!
It looks like a Naruto Evolution Rip -.-
Kevin208 wrote:
It looks like a Naruto Evolution Rip -.-

tsk... it's my game both are my art work.

Check and compare this hub date to Naruto Evo
xD Nvm This is made earlier than NE
this game still work?
It was moved to a different HUB and later to another different HUB.. you can currently find it under [new management team]
when this game gone be out
when is this game going to be out cause naruto evolution was gone like in aug and last time i heard they was updating it how long it will take for this game to be out
just asking
Can you bring N:E back for us? Host it or give someone the source? We miss playing N:E bro. It was the best game on byond. I never stopped playing it....
when is this game coming out ?
Can't release a date yet.
do you think it will be finished this year
Yeah, considering the fact that Sphinxe is a slacker most of the time. :P
Omfg put the damn game up ive been waiting for almost 2 years to play. This game is awesome thats why im so pissed its not up lol.
In response to Eli97
Eli97 wrote:
Omfg put the damn game up ive been waiting for almost 2 years to play. This game is awesome thats why im so pissed its not up lol.

So you think the game is awesome, but at the same time you havn't played it?
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