Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Wrath of the Vongola

by TheVongola10th
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Wrath of the Vongola
WotV is a game inspired by one of the best unrecognized Anime out there.
I know its not my business to do this but you have until i finish the reborn anime series aka like 3 hours
I dont want to host
no one shall play until the new version comes out or ougi feels like hosting :D
Well crap still no host
so do you guys want me to host now? and shiki is the update done yet?
yeah we want you to host :P
of course waiting for shiki or one of the owners to add me on skype and send me the host files. andrewzdaname.
please fill us in with the details after all this time
how hard can the details be
noone wants to host and the new ver isnt out yet
Tenma will Rise :) Add my new account "Lord Durandal" - Saisuko Zao
NO Avalon Will Arise!
Avalon will be destroyed!
the Tenma comments have surrounded avalon-Detaka Nakumiro
ougi doesn't want to host this game anymore btw, like i seriously don't mind hosting this game lol
Krayzee host the game then you see how much it means to people step up to the challnge and host the sever do it for your friends like the anime would
Krayzee dosn't have host files he metioned that earlier
When will this game be back up?
Ok you guys missed the said due date so we cant help but wonder whats happening any information to put us at ease would help
-Detaka Nakumiro
Sorry guys I've been off an on a lot, I'm currently on spring break before going into my last semester of college so I'm trying to get a little work done on the game, however I do have an idea I'd like to put up for suggestion: Dungeons and Dragons style stats and level: in other words you would have 4 main stats(seeing as 2 of them REALLY don't relate to the game much) Constitution, Intellect, Dexterity, and Strength, I was thinking that Strength of course would increase damage on relevant abilities, same with Intellect, Health would be based on Constitution and a Hitdie, I'm debating whether DyingWill would be based off of Constitution or Intellect, Dexterity would make you harder to hit and Constitution would make it so you take less damage depending on how hard they hit you. Give me some feed back before it's to late to reverse this! lol, sorry for all the game delays.
-P.S. Once again I Am Not Shiki -_-

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