The Elemental Stone

by Pyro_dragons
The Elemental Stone
An ancient power has been unsealed and mana fuels the world yet again. Can you control the mana and master the elements?
One day I have a dream. To come online and play TES with all of you. I know this is just a dream but since byond is build your own net dream I know that its possible. I have seen what's to come and it will be grand.
Can't wait to jump back into this game, and Asch. Did it crash when we fought the Slime King?
Yeah, I fixed the issue a couple weeks ago but I have been swamped with other work and haven't had time to get back to this yet.
Well, post it when you have time to spare no rush man take your time!
Its been almost a year. Any chance this game will ever return it was truly one of my favorites.
May we have a status update on the current development status, please? :o
Most of the mechanics are ready for beta. We're adding graphics and content now. Can't give an ETA yet, unsure since the pace is sporadic.
Wonderful, thanks for the update. :3
How're things going here? :3
When is it going to be the next time to be hosted?
Is this game ever going to come back?
Damn, it's a shame we never got to see the light of this game after the overhaul. RIP.
R.I.P. is correct. Loved what you previously created pyro. Perhaps frio still could host an older version for shits and giggles? *poke* *poke*
I have the 2008 version able to be hosted if anyone knows how to host games. I'm trying to work it out with my ISP to not block all the ports I would attempt to do this on.
if you sent me the files i can host
This was the game when I was a kid.I remember someone look like master sesshomaru.
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