The Elemental Stone

by Pyro_dragons
The Elemental Stone
An ancient power has been unsealed and mana fuels the world yet again. Can you control the mana and master the elements?
Good game, could use some more "hybrid" weapons though; Druids are shafted till 23 due to the fact...XD
Glad you like it. I know what you're talking about, balance and itemization is a continuous process. Plus I'm waiting for classes to be ready to go before I really do itemization.
Gmae nice
So whats going on with the server? Updates or just downtime?
Updates and fixes. New quests and conversions for old ones.
When does the server normal come back?
I've been busy with finals this week so i haven't had the time to fix what I need to. Friday, most likely.
What program do you guys use to create your equipment? I have alot of shit I've done using Adobe In-design that you might like, if i knew what program you use and the format i could post it on the forums.
Dream Maker's icon editor.
Downtime is due to my being busy, but also because I'm working on improving the targeting system for more advanced use later, as well as little improvements here and there.
Can't wait intill its back :)
Who added those eye brows to my base icon o.O
You're mistaken. The base sprite for this game has been the same since it's creation back in 2005. I made it myself. Any resemblance to another is purely coincidental.
omg, why it down! why it down!
I needed to make preparations for the next version. It should remain up now, but the current version that will be hosted will no longer be updated. Development is beginning on the beta release.
Hmm.. Strange cause i remember drawing it a long time ago for someone who just started out making a game with just pretty much wizards to fight and shot fireballs. w/e Maybe my mistake
I don't believe that we've met before, so I think this was just a misunderstanding. I've had very few interactions with spriters before.
The games still down for me. Whats the problem?
common server come back up
Ikr, but we hafta be patient, don't we have something else to do while its down? The game cant be on forever.
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