The Elemental Stone

by Pyro_dragons
The Elemental Stone
An ancient power has been unsealed and mana fuels the world yet again. Can you control the mana and master the elements?
My computer installed an update overnight and restarted. I'm currently at work and have been all day, hence the downtime.
As long as it is up tonight cause I got nothing to do and this game is fun to play
Lovely fighting system and overall plot.
The server is updating?
Downtime for this server usually means that my CPU is needed for something else at that time or my computer updated while I was away.

We are working on a new version though. Keep up to date with the topic on the forum on the TES General board.
I am currently at my parents home for awhile after graduating college, looking for my own place. TES will see some down time until I do as I will not tie up their internet.

What I will do, however, is finish the changes to the new UI and find someone to host a test server for that. Note that there will not be any characters from my server.
Wow, I played this way back in the day.
The server that will be up from now until whenever is a different one. We're currently testing the new UI. In addition, you will not have your previous saves from my server.
Can we get a downloadable version to play now?
Can i help u host?
Can i Help u with something?
I'm working on fixing a few things. There should be another server up this weekend.
Is Wolvenfury still an active staff member of this game?
I died. Sorry, what you are reading now is a comment me now (Past self)got from my future now dead self, who apparently relayed a message telepathically to me, telling me to type this before i die.

This could probably help me avoid those events, but i'm too lazy to move.
i use a emulator and i can't get on
I'm still trying
I cant play the game
the screen is too big for my laptop could u please add the stuff to change screen
thx this is an awsome game
I'm currently working on a patch the handles a few functionality things. I intend to include resizing functions that will adjust to you screen size as well as when you actually resize the window. I don't have an estimated time on this yet.
This game is rather great. I played years ago, and the changes from then to now are amazing! Great job to you and your crew, really. If help is ever needed in game, I will be willing.
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