by ACWraith
Shoot webs. Form paths. Catch bugs. Compete.
NOTE: Webcrawl is meant to be hosted in Dream Seeker with an active host.

  • Join a nest of spiders (team of players).
  • Compete with other nests. (It's a mostly multiplayer game.)
  • Shoot webs to form paths and catch bugs.
  • Drag caught bugs to your nest for points and enhancements.
  • If an opposing nest has an enhancement you don't, catch one of them and get it yourself!

Subscribed hosts may load maps which are created with Webspinner. Extra map packages, such as Basic and Spuzzum, are currently available.

While complete, development on Webcrawl stopped ages ago. The game was made with older versions of BYOND so it is not up to my current presentation standards. Plans for a sequel keep being put on halt while I deal with other projects.