by Lavarion
It's an RPG.
StolenLands is a semi-class-based real-time RPG with customization yet a relatively simple system. The world is persistent, and not split into instances.

Step into a BYOND world with a system developed with emphasis on balance, with no stolen content, and without any stolen graphics or sounds. Interaction and grouping are encouraged, as no one character can handle all situations alone.

Fight, explore, and pursue quests. Engage your fellow players in the PVP arena or in a game of Capture the Flag. Develop a unique character with our highly customizable, but still structured, system.

As of August 2012, official hosting is over, but public hosting is now available! What new wonders will be revealed? New events? Abusive admins? Anything can happen now!

Hosting files for StolenLands and its variants can be downloaded here:

Even Dolant Paradise is included, since I won my civil suit against Mr_Fuji and gained legal ownership of the source code. Also note that this thing wasn't really coded with the intention of general hosting, so who knows what oddities await you!

System Created by Claviarm
World and Monster Design by Lavarion
Music by Alturos

I wonder, are there any intentions on reviving the world (storyline)?
Schnitzelnagler wrote:
I wonder, are there any intentions on reviving the world (storyline)?

I'm not sure, but I think we should overload the server with players. I think that would help. I would like to see Stolen Lands with 90+ players at once.
Mikau wrote:
I would like to see Stolen Lands with 90+ players at once.

Where would you get these? ;)
I'd certainly join in on the event, given that it'd happen during my time frame, but I doubt you could hop over to [insert currently popular Animé alert spam game] and convince the people there to play an interesting non AFK grinding non Animé related game.

Mikau wrote:
I think that would help.

I'm not even sure that C&L monitor the statistics ;)
Schnitzelnagler wrote:
I'm not even sure that C&L monitor the statistics ;)

That many players might likely crash the server. I'm sure they'd scratch their head at that point like "what happened?"
i like pie
I also like pie.
What is this pie that you guys are talking about?
I think the pie they're talking about must be the life force animation on the final series of the television show Knightmare.

As seen near the start of this video:
When did the game server and forums go down?
I can't get past the login in screen html character creation.
Yea i can't get past the word "connecting"
I'm trying to host but it' not working, what do?
Well, there go my dreams of this game's triumphant revival. It's nice that the game files are publicly available now, but nobody ever seems to be hosting. Shame, too, because I was just getting into HYDRA, which from what I could tell was StolenLands' spiritual successor.
Has anyone been able to host a server with the provided files? I really wanted to introduce some friends to StolenLands, but neither I nor any of them could get a server running which can actually be connected to even though I can host other games just fine.
Game is hosted. Not sure if anyone cares about this anymore but here it is!

The only way to connect is by using an older Byond client.

This is a link to the old client. Uninstall your current version, install this one, and you'll be able to connect.

Enjoy! I'll be leaving it hosted 24/7 for the time being. :)
This is awesome. Sucks that you will have to start fresh, but that could be fun in a way. Hopefully others see Tyelemming's post and see how to play this game again.

On top of that, thanks for hosting a cool game!
Cant connect
Shust, make sure that you're using the version of BYOND Tyelemming linked. The two of us tested it and StolenLands simply refuses to work with the newest BYOND client (it may work with something between 492 and the current 496 version, but we did not test these).

So, if you downloaded the newest version of BYOND, updated to the newest version, or played a different game which may have made BYOND update, you'll need to uninstall BYOND and reinstall version 492 since, for whatever reason, the newest version will not work with this game. It's a hassle, but I'd say StolenLands is worth it.
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