Resident Evil 2 Slaughter Online

by Uchiha147
Resdient evil game its fun cool and lots players can join up 2 90
The basics:
This game is a basic zombie killing game were u get to be most people from the Resident Evil Series. There are Survival Modes, Protect The Teammate and a couple of Team Modes. The Point of the game is to get on the kill ranks, Get all the guns you want and to have fun....well actually its to be the Best zombie killer in the game but we won't be so blunt with that.

The basic controls are on the browser tab when you 1st log on to your right, but in any case the most basic controls are

*To shoot you press (F) or click with your mouse(The mouse feature is enable but a little glitchy)
*To pick up items is (G)
*To jump over barricades is (J)
*To open a door is (D)
*To slash your melee weapon is (S)
*To reload your gun is (R)or just keep firing until it autoreloads

The Creater of the code,most of the icons, and about half of them maps is Darker Emerald not me or anyone else so most of the credit for this game goes to him.

There were other coders,iconners,mappers involved in this version and they will be named when i update this hub.

The orginal game may be to your right but in any case here is the link Orignal Game

If you want to host and the above button doesnt work (The big one that says Download)then here r the backup files on mediafire-->Back up Files

Any Errors or glitches or malfunctions please let me know by either my Byond site or email
no racial jokes! no porn links nothing like that if u do u get banned for 2 days