by DDT
Don't let the job ruffle your feathers.

Welcome to Birdland!

A local ion storm has knocked out bird navigation systems.
Your mission is to reunite the birds with their eggs.

start - press the button to start or join the game
tab - select next bird
q - select previous bird
arrow keys/number pad - turn selected bird in direction

Each level is composed of three rounds. The rounds in a level each get a bit faster.

Each new level you reach adds a new kind of bird to the mix.

At level 5, you are back to one bird again.

Single player game
You start with three bird lives and play until they are gone.

Whenever you complete two levels, you get an extra bird life.

Multi-player game
You play through four levels, and whoever has the highest score at the end wins.

Your score is the number of birds you saved minus the number that died.