Night Fantastic

by Zilal
Night Fantastic
How good is your aim in the dark?
Shots rip through the darkness. A teammate screams! You fumble for the door, but you can barely see your own hand in front of your face.

Play for free; play by yourself or with others; above all, play with the lights off and the sound up in this unique horror game where you can't see your enemy... but can feel its breath on your neck.

New to version 2.0, subscribers to Night Fantastic can play the entity. You can also subscribe to the ZGames channel for discounted access to the special features in all my games!
Its funny With sound its not realy creepy but.....
To be honest.
This game is an utter fail.

It's easy to see what the maker had in mind and that he tried to make it that. But he failed in reaching it's full potential.
not really.
it's 2012, i hosted my own server and had fun with one of my friends.