XX_Coding Absoulute:First Steps_XX

by XxBloody NightmarexX
This is a handmade all original commenting and programming by XxBloody NightmarexX.Programming only for absolute Beginners .
This is only meant to teach you the very bottom basics of Byond Programming only for absolute Beginners .

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I'd just like to say that something like this should be a demo, not a library, but eh.
For something so simple, you really screwed up. This teaches both usr abuse (look at your alert()s) and non-robust programming.
Wtf never thought anyone would download this it's been lying on my computer every since i learned to program so I put it up to be honest didn't know what it was just heard a friend after sending it to him he said it helped a long time ago when i first made it so i posted it but yea i've had it made forever.