by Ginseng
Will you lead your Orcish tribe to peace or kill all that stand in your way?
Tribe Wars allows the player to control a Tribe of Orcs on the hellish world of Dreknor, as the Orc War Chief. Will you bring forth a rain of terror on the other tribes or ally with them and build a great empire?

RTS Game

On a planet named Dreknor an ancient race of orcs live
in peace as a single tribe. Recently a strange asteroid hit
the planet creating harsh weather effects. This event not
only shattered the planet but also seperated the orcs into different
tribes. Angry and confused the different orc tribes decided
to instead of re-unite as one, go and wage war on each other,
each tribe wanted control of the whole planet. The strange asteroid
that had hit the planet containted large ammounts of a rare and very
strong metal named Arbinite, the Orc tribes each decided that they
would waste no time collecting and using this metal for them selves.
It is now your chance to unite the waring orc tribes or crush all that
stand in your way!


Build & Control an entire tribe!

Win by either tactical means or just earning points the peaceful way!

Advanced on screen buttons means no more ugly verb panels!

Two playable races : Demons & Orcs

Adventure Mode : Play as a single unit like an RPG
Demons are too weak, i been demon and my lord been killed by newborn Orc, without equipment or anything!, but the game is fun to play, lots of buildings to make and others.
I /really/ like this game, even though it's now pretty old. Can't wait for Dungeon Master to be as automated (and great) as this actually.
will there be a host again
Will someone please host a server for this Ive been playing solo and I have to admit it is a really fun game to play.
I wish this would be hosted an updated more than DM, I think it has a lot of potential to be dished out.
eu n entendi muito o jogo principalm ente como criara as tropas e operarios mas e bem legal gostei
I might host a server, but I don't wanna have to keep too much up on it. I would like to see DM as automated as this (TAKE THE CODES) but thats a dream. Anyways if enough people can message me about hosting this I gladly will put up a dedicated server
didnt this game used to have like 10 different races?