Megaman Wars

by Dixon
Megaman Wars
Colonel vs Harpuia!? Bass vs Sigma!? Who will win?
To Play:

Numlock must be turned off. If your on a laptop then you have to set your macros. Thats a byond issue which wont be elaborated here, so dont ask.

Use 9, 7, 3 and 1 on the numpad for various skills. Full Skill list and effects for each char is currently being written.

Type "Suicide in the pink box to kill yourself and repick your char. Have fun!

This game is Player Vs. Player based.

Video of Megaman Wars
Video 2 of Megaman Wars
Clip 3 of MMW
Never mess with the video compression!
Boss Battle!
Megaman Wars Video 3
Sigma Head Battle
Axl Test
Falcon Armor X Test
Athena I Test
LWX Test
Bah. Really, this game is not for new players. It seems to me that this game is for those who have already unlocked several of the characters, which you can't do without killing people. Which new guys stuck with the crappy beginner characters can't do.
shut up faget
this game is only good when ppl dont spam to make it lag or kill new ppl... other than that... its AWESOME!!!
CrazyLou wrote:
Bah. Really, this game is not for new players. It seems to me that this game is for those who have already unlocked several of the characters, which you can't do without killing people. Which new guys stuck with the crappy beginner characters can't do.

but i was new and just push though it and this game is one of the best on byond , aksi we just had pwipe so it should be fairly easy to getnew chaars if new
It would be cool if I didn't get player wiped just because HolyDoomKnight felt like it.
wow i give it a gooday mate =)
the game isent on for a while >:{
this game as very very good the famosous game of megaman in byond
Nickyblue wrote:
the game isent on for a while >:{

dont worry nicky it will come on :)
Joshua m wrote:
Nickyblue wrote:
the game isent on for a while >:{

dont worry nicky it will come on :)

it wil... sometime

I press enter and nothing happens.
Hey....i can host this basically 24/7, and i don't want GM or anything for hosting it..i just want to play. i asked in the game...but the Mod's were kinda rude about it.....well, Dixon, my msn is [email protected]
For some reason I can't join Zero Virus's server. I'm guessing there's something wrong with my Byond. Anyone have any guesses on what it could be? I can still join other games.
I've tried logging in on my computer, a friend's computer, and a computer in a lab, but none of them worked. It's not a problem with my key though, I know that for sure.
A friend of mine told me it might have something to do with peer to peer stuff, but I don't much about that.
WTF!"?!!?!?!? this mod banned me she was talking bout my mom had to defend my self she called me a 10 year old poser well guess what!"?!?!? I AM TEN
that mod abuseing powetr by banning me she knows i cant curse or ban she mad be curse talking bout my FKIN MOM
You know, looking past the abusive mods, the unbalance, and the obsenely cheap people that it seems only prevriously stated mods can get, this game is actually rather--
What the hell am I saying? Originality doesn't equal good. Even thought 'this game is rippe from nothing' this is a worthless, unbalanced piece of shit.
Make the play better, make the characters (even the impossible to get) balanced so that your screen isn't being spammed with 'No life McCheapy has kill you!', and ban some of the angry little eight-year-olds that coat this game in shit and maybe, just maybe, I might make a review that doesn't nark on your game for a good 500 words.
Heh, people ask for balance, but they never say what.


It'll always be unbalanced as someone will play the game longer then you. As a player plays and unlocks something, they expect it to be better then the one they've been using. However, if the reward isn't what they expected then it's just a disappointment and that character becomes unused. For this to be balanced correctly, it would require removal of certain extent. That also causes a problem as theres some types of players who enjoy getting a reward.

This game isn't meant for everyone to play, it's audience tends to be somewhat the competitive type. As there are players who just play to be on the rankings and stay on there, while there are others who play to unlock stuff then most likely quit. There are also another set of audience who just enjoy the belief of being more powerful then another player. Even balance would bring another type of audience... like the ones with egos when it comes to skill. "OMG, I would've had you if it wasn't for lag!"

I also forgot about the type of audience who play without any goals then to just have fun or be there with friends.

Course, this game isn't that casual enough to invite many of those kinds.

Also, I CAN do something about ZeroVirus' behaviour towards some of our players who believe they received unfair treatment. ( I.E. Save wiped, banned, or name change. ) However, for that to happen a more trustable host is required. We can go back to MMZX, or we can shut it down 'til I can host.

Just go and ask MMZX or Zero Final.

... Longest post by me yet, or in my participation of BYOND for that matter.

Wonder who'll read my post.
medic-heal boost
fefnir-stronger shots but less rapid
laviathan-shoot a little faster
mzero-slight boost in strength

idk im half awake just trying to think of suggestions
I was suprised to see HDK post hahah. It seemed like a cool one though.
I feel as though I like the game as it is. About hosts, I don't know anything about ZV's hosting, but I'm unable to join it. I didn't mind some lag now and then from the other host.
Megaman: Since you've claimed you can do it, add a 2 stage charge shot. Stage one = hold for at last .5 seconds, shooting a 1x1 still, hits about a 8 damager. Stage 2 = hold for 1.5, shoots a 1x2 impact shot, can hit multiple players.

Bass: Add on 3 (Diagonal Down firing), + (Diagonal Up, being the first with 5 abilities), and 7 (Up) shoots. There's more than enough sprites to support this.

Protoman: Fine as is, he's already noted to be extremely competitive.

MegaMan X: Add a 1-3 Point bonus on his shot and slash.

Double: Longer AOE Delay. He -CAN- Jump and AOE, and it stacks up quickly.

Fefnir: Make a seperate button to replace the Jump-aoe, the current Jump-AOE becomes a jump, the new one is an AOE, slightly bigger delay, moar damage, no jump.

Shadowman: Presuming the below suggestion is followed per invis, could live with the old version of his Sword (If Foe's Facing away, a single slash = kill, otherwise shot and slash can remain at 1).

Kraft: Needs his Dash back so he moves 3 squares at least and knocks the foe back like 4-5.

Clownman: Can hit Invisible players regardless where they are as long as they're within range (including in the air)

Elpizo: Remove Guard, if you look closely, it's just a battle pose, and if you look closer you'd notice it's a very BAD pose for defense.

Chilldre: Melee + Shot should equal about 14 damage. (10 Melee + 4 Damage?), Chilldre has a slow attack, and it's a slow character. Also could do with a higher jump...

Darkguise: needs it's back-end of it's slash to be guard breaking (as in actually breaks them out of it with a short delay of say a second to enter it again).

Medic: Heal needs to be Grounded, can have stronger heal though.

Blizzard Wolffang: 7-hit kill or slower shots. Could have it be a 1 or 2-second delay with a 3-hit kill.

Commander Zero: It's a basic shooter, I mean very basic, and it's speed doesn't help it at all. I suggest making that speed compared to the rest mean something, like he takes 2-3 less damage, hits for a lil less, but damage can't go below 1 of course.

Magma Dragoon: Could use a special melee kick (Diagonal Down) if he's in mid air.

Sigma: Slower slash.

Duo/Dynamo/Fefnir: Fix that Jump-Pound Issue.

Gate: Needs a Distance limit. When you leave that limit the Gate disappears automatically. Otherwise it needs a 5-10 second delay after you take down the gate.

Levi: Change to a 7 or 10-hit kill.

All Charas: Make it so that there's a Jump-delay after landing on the ground of .3, maybe .2 seconds. This would make it actually possible to land on the ground and get hit.

All Charas #2: Landing on a shot should get you hit, you shouldn't be able to "Surf" on your own shot :P.

All AOE: Should have Damage lessen the further out you are from the AOE Source.

Guard: needs moar guard Breaks. Kraft's Blade, maybe a special technique on Burnerman (Heat Melts guard)

Invis: Add a TImer of 20 to 30 (2-3 seconds) delay for itself after exiting invis.

That's about everything for the moment, tell you when we get further along moar ideas.
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