Megaman Wars

by Dixon
Megaman Wars
Colonel vs Harpuia!? Bass vs Sigma!? Who will win?
And 2015 arrives and this game is still not up... rofl
Should send it to me, I will work on it lol
So it's not completely dead yet?
I haven't checked on this site or MMW in forever, nice to know you guys are still around. would be nice to see the game around still.
Seems I'm digging up really old worms here, just wanted to say this was on of the best games on Byond. Past all the Naturo, Dragon Ball Z, and Final Fantasy fan games this one was brighter than the rest.

I don't expect it go come back, but before its gone for good, thanks Dixon and everyone else who helped this game.
You never know with Megaman Wars!
Wow, been some time since I've logged on to this place. Glad to see there is some activity no matter the frequency of it. This game was an integral part of my teenage years and I'm glad it was. I learned a lot from the people with whom I played and from Dixon when I finally got my hands on a copy of that "X and Zero" source code. I made a lot of friends but sadly grew apart from everyone one here. I just wanted to come back and show my love and thank everyone for being a part of my past and hope each and everyone has a bright future.

Thanks for the good times, everyone. And to Dixon, ZeroVirus, HDK and anyone else I may have forgotten (I am sorry), thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Happy near you megaman wars. Its been a log road without you i miss spending my hours no lifing just to get another that that i would be like bah i want the next one. This game will still remain in my mind and in my heart it created my love for byond T.T. As to the comment above I wholesomaely agree and im glad i got to play it even in it dying days. Though i still do not know why it wont come back... If its lacking a shell i will gladly let it use mine. If its missing a playerbase the loyals will invite the new. If its missing dixon we will just have to go and riot till he comes back T.T. Anyways hope to see this place full of life again 1 day thank you.
Not sure if anyone remembers me im aka Ice_Yoshi, but I remember a lot of you. I know for a fact that HDK surely remembers me all the pwipes, bans, and kicks from the game. I remember all of that like it was yesterday. Lightning Dragons was my brother whom was greatly appreciated by many of the admins/managers of the game. This game was my childhood i started when i was 9 years old and im 20 now and i still have great memories of this game. The achievement of unlocking characters is what made this so damn good. I would love to see this game come back to life because im tired of only playing League of Legends or Overwatch :( for those who play LoL or OW and happens to see this message friend me on both (Crashman) (Falco#1707). I remember coming home from school in elementary putting countless hours into this game and just playing this all night even on school nights. Im sure i still have the skill that i had back then to this day. I still remember many of the requirements for a lot of characters because this game has been embedded into my skull. MMZX, ZF, HDK, Dixon, Sol, BTX, Amarlaxi, Tets, and everyone else who remembers me i love you all and i wish to see you guys in the future sometime :^).

RIP MMW you will forever be in my heart.

April 15, 2004 - February 18, 2012....
Hello. Well the game was still up this year for a moment >:D
I miss this game and would love to play it. :(
Hi, folks! I dunno if anyone remembers me, but I used to go by OmnixTH when I played back in the day (and I used to main base X because why not).

I was cleaning up my bookmarks and the like when I noticed I favorited the BYOND website. I couldn't initially remember what all I played on it, but after a bit of searching it all came flooding back to me. Man, it's hard to believe this game was out 10+ years ago. Has it really been that long? I remember a lot of fond memories with this game, so it's sad to see that it's inactive now. This and Navi Wars used to be my go to BYOND games, haha.

Anyways, I just wanted to stop by and wish everyone that used to play the best. Thanks for the memories o/
judging by my last two posts i seem to remember about this game every 2 years. expect me in 2020

take it easy
Hi, first of all I cant believe that I managed to log back in to this account. like most of you said this was my childhood, great seeing some of you and some not as much ;). I guess my comment will be the last one, it kills me inside that I missed it last year. and its so weird that so many of us came back to this site looking for this game, goes to show how much of a gem this game was at the time. Love you guys. just wanted to say.....

BRING IT BACK !!!!! ^^

Lol, here's a recently made discord server.

If anyone still has the host files, this is probably the best way to publicly host it.
Do I know you...?
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