Jeet Kune Do

by IainPeregrine
Jeet Kune Do
A side scroller action game using complete pixelized movment. In the spirit of "Kung Fu" for the NES.
Jeet Kune Do is a street fighting game made in the spirit of the NES game "Kung Fu". The purpose is to fight your way to the top (literally, as high as you can climb through the rooms on the map) and maintain your position there.

Multiplayer action

Jeet Kune Do accepts user made players. To create a playable character in Jeet Kune Do, make the nessesary icons and I (IainPeregrine) will program that character into the game. Characters are not limited to the type of movement and attacks seen by the one current playable character. Projectiles, weapons, combos, etc., are all capable of being included. Contact IainPeregrine for more details.
Will there ever be an update? Also I suggest making it playable for people who have laptops! I'd review it if I could play it xD
I haven't really noticed this game, nor played it. It would be cool to see an update for this. Maybe include an AI and waves similar to your CasualQuest game. Multiplayer is fun but sometimes single player is too.

I'm also on a laptop like Ganing, wish I could get some support for it. :)
This version of JKD is a lost cause. It was, in my opinion, a breakthrough kind of BYOND game for its time, but that time has passed. What is needed now is a completely new game, like JKD2, which a new code base and new graphics. If I could ever get a working team going, you might see a return to this. Until then, it's just a relic kept around for curiosity.