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Hey noob, get on MSN
Add me on msn Hiei_Light
What's up? You needed something?
can u host now??
could you fix your sol server?
yo can i get one of the shinobi sources reply to me
Mystery can you test me fast plz? I wanna help you guys with the bugs and I'm really sorry about what I did i just found that bug and wanted to test it...
mystery sol is in a need for some one to host it if u feel like it please can u host sol hope fully people will not be so stuipid about the la and complain if u ever decide u wana hpst again which id most likely a no but just wanted to ask
lol lag* host* stupid*
why you banned me in your server?
Cough cough, couldn't find you on MSN so I came here.This Mortal K. btw. :D Cheers!
Lol nice revive on sol..i cant join today though Mr.E...maybe in a couple days
Hey Mystery I cant enter to SOL can you invite me so I can?
So myst are you doin the host of sol but makin it invite only to mess with the others? I honestly think thats brilliant ha
you should take it off invite only because most people just want to play not talk to you
Myst, can you please let people play? A lot of people want to play and I'm sure that most of them would appreciate it if you could put the game on open/invite them.
im sure u dislike some of us but plase let the none abusers play just get of people u dont like not me i hope u have nothing against me so plaease put sol up u the only one tht can please put it live please
pls unban me dude come on the server was lagging and u ban me WTF pls dude im fucking crying
pls dude