Dead and Walking

by Aeon_nova
Dead and Walking
An open-world zombie game, you decide what you want to do.
An open-world zombie game, you decide what you want to do. Kill zombies, get married, fight in a PvP tournament, capture the flag (with a zombie head) buy a house, slay bosses, collect treasures, build barricades, rescue survivors, learn spells/skills, customize weapons, sharpen blades, master the elements, drive cars, farm chickens, and more!

Hosting files:

If you would like a GM position, you must be voted unanimously by all players and have 2 GM referrals or 1 Administrator referral. If you break the rules, you lose your GM and the people who referred you lose theirs as well. There is the option of putting a deposit towards becoming a GM if you are unable to get such referrals. The cost of the deposit is $50 and you must be 16 or older. This deposit helps insure that the GM's do not abuse their powers else they will lose them without refund. You can send your payment via the Donate button. Be sure to leave your BYOND key in the tag.

Subscribing is now automated and costs only a one time fee of $6 for life. BYOND Members get a discounted fee of $5.

Subscribers get:

$40,000 in-game cash
Increased Combat Arts
Increased Spell Arts
Increased Skill Arts
Increased Survivor Rewards
Reduced Upgrade Prices
Reduced Sharpening Prices
Additional Items
Additional Skills
and more!

Please visit to subscribe.
Thsi game as BLOOD AND DEMONS AND ZOMBIES!!!! thank u...^^
We need hosts this game is never on and this is my fav game
somwonw needs to host this and hi sisbro

Hi Leon i can't host it says i don't have host files LIES! T.T
Sisbro55 wrote:
Thsi game as BLOOD AND DEMONS AND ZOMBIES!!!! thank u...^^

i think that sounds dreadly kewl
i know Egb i used to rule this game till it shut down
I'm back and I'm going to start updating this game starting today!
Good to see you back, where have u been.
Gathered notes from today, thanks for all your ideas!

1. When struck enough times, your character falls and has 15 seconds to be revived. He gets

a flag and all players with this flag cannot be attacked by zombies. Once revived, the flag

is removed. He can shoot from his fallen state.

2. How about Electric Fences? Certain rooms will have an electric fence you can turn on,

zombies who run into it will die. The fence will last up to 30 seconds and costs $100 to

turn on? These fences can be found throughout the game and can be used as a temporary


3. Explosions cause nearby enemies to catch fire.

4. Notes: Make oil drums with health, when health reaches 0 after being hit by bullets or

hand, drum explodes causing damage and fire to all nearby zombies.

5. Rekwan announces: Would you guys like zombies to be able to slip? Costing them 2 seconds

to get back up? Players too but 1 second.

6. Rekwan announces: Alright, so hiding spots? When you hide, you lose movement and are

moved over the target, your icon also turns into a silloquete icon so that players can still

see you hiding but zombies cannot

7. Grenades don't catch zombies on fire, but molotives will.

8. Pipe bombs - 2 of them made from a pipe, hammer, and gun powder.

9. So your initial name gets saved, then you use a Change Name command or maybe an NPC that

charges $50 for name changes?

10. Mail shouts: Make it so that when you doubleclick an item, and another is equipped, it

equips this item and unequips the other

11. Survivor's cannot go up or down stairs
How about a tesla coil, a rocket turret, backup radio that calls one or two guards, police men, or whatever else there is, or a tazer?
Mine prices reduced from $25 to $10. =)
I can't log on to u server T.T
I'm so sorry we just suffered a power outrage at the office and I'm not at home to turn it back on I'll be home in 3-4 hours
oh ok
Very nice game. 100/99. It has very nice possiblities in the game with the zombies to players added with the NPCS.

Updated: Smoother darkness, increased darkness view, smoother night vision view, fixed zombie view bug, fixed admin bug.

Needs to be fixed: Generator code seems to be broken, there will always be light inside the buildings until this is fixed.

Next update plan: Fix generator, add fishing and cooking code.
bring game Up
So on your video it doesnt really say anything...except for how you gusy need icons that all I see. Kinda funny.
So.. I'm back and doing updates. What's everyone up to?
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