Ace Attorney: BYOND Edition

by Hyarion
Ace Attorney: BYOND Edition
Take that! Come roleplay or just have fun with other Ace Attorney fans by putting your words in the mouths of characters from the Ace Attorney series, reliving your favorite courtroom action scenes, and creating new ones!
Latest News:

11/17- ...My auto-rebooting seemed to be shutting down the server every night. I've turned it off for now.

11/13- The game is more laggy than it used to be... It's probably mostly because I'm running this game on an ancient computer. I'll be taking steps to reduce the lag soon. Anyways, here's the list of additions:
-Due to a fix in 430, the entire game (and especially the animation system) is massively less buggy.
-Vote to Mute/Reboot revamped. The timers shouldn't freeze randomly anymore.
-On that note, the server will automatically reboot at 6 AM CST in case the game happens to glitch badly enough that users can't reboot the server.
-The limit on how much text you can input has been removed- your text will now wraparound to a new textbox if it's too long.
-Many other optimizations which I don't remember (six months is a long time!) and/or are too small to list here.
-Logging. Currently, only I have access to the logs, but I may add a command to let users view the log for a given time and room.
-Bug reporting replaced by full-fledged ingame forums.
-A "Court Record" with spots for the victim, defendant, details of the case, evidence, etc. Not only is it easier to keep track of a case this way, but someone can jump in halfway through a case and not be completely lost.
-Many, many new characters.

11/11- We're back! Full list of additions coming soon. (Also, you cannot connect if you don't have at least version 430.1005. If you're having trouble with that, make sure to get the latest version from here.)

10/15- Hm. It's taking longer than I expected for BYOND 430 to release. As a consolation, check out this list of improvements and new features.

10/1- The bug plaguing my animation system is now fixed! AA:BE will be back shortly. Stay tuned...

Imagine the Objection Generator.

Now imagine using it in real-time to communicate with other people, socialize with fans, or roleplay characters from the Ace Attorney world. That is Ace Attorney: BYOND Edition.

Part chat client, part Ace Attorney sandbox, AA:BE was designed with roleplayers in mind, but can be played by anyone who enjoys the series. Everything has been recreated exactly as it was in the games, down to the pixel. Presenting any piece of evidence, using every animation a character has ever performed, and, of course, objecting, are all possible.

At the moment, most of the content has been added. The only things yet to arrive are some of the witnesses and all of the case-specific evidence. These will be added regularly until the game is complete.

Some other things of note:

-AA:BE has a comprehensive help file that will be displayed in the game window when it loads. If you're confused about anything, that's the first place you should look.

-Due to the large amounts of music, sound effects, animations, etc., this game can have an unusually large "installation time" (the first time the game is loaded.) The time taken varies from computer to computer, but it only occurs once.

-Currently, all known bugs are fixed. However, some sound effects are missing from certain animations- I've recently obtained a nearly complete set of sound effects, however, so I'm working on it.

That's about it- now go try it out!
What happend to this?
Yo Hyarion Whats going on with the game, not to rush you but can you at least post the progress or something, thanks in advance.
Is this game ever coming back..?
Man I used to play this, When is it coming back? the laughs and fun that we had in this game. Remember that, guys? the fun :D

When is the game coming back? Phoenix needs more Spill-Oco!

Spill-Oco! It's the coco you wear on your head! :D
COME ON MAN! Please please please host it I love games like PW so much, please please PLEASE just put up a download so we could atleast host it for now.. Even if you're not done, just please.
Ah I remember this game pretty well. Good times RPing stupid court cases xD OBJECTION!
Shame the host/source of this isn't out.
I say we track him down. For AA.
Is anyone home? I saw this project in my travels and very desperately would like to know if it's going anywhere.
Is this alive?
WHAT HAPPENED? it was booming with color and excitement and now its GONE. BRING IT BACK PLEASE.
I HAVE to play this... It's...I...
Ok everyone jokes over we can go back to playing the game now...please
I came here to play, just to see this.
Now that I think about it, can't you stop the auto-reboot?