Village Wars

by Jeff8500
A new action game that heavily uses BYOND 430's coolest new abilities!
Team Based Action Game.


Move: Arrow keys
Attack: numbers 1 to 9 if the "1Button" button isn't clicked. If it is, 1 to 9 will select your attack and space will use it.

More stuff to come!

Attack info:

Sight: Negates invisibility
Invisibility: Makes it difficult to see you
Shields: Block projectiles from entering/leaving
Throw Rock: Weak projectile
Slash: Teleports to and attacks a mob in a relative view*
Uber Slash: Picks an attackable object in a certain range (whether it is a teammate etc. or not) and attacks it. Repeats 20x.
Fire Breath: Breathes fire on all objects within a certain number of tiles (can be used to light buildings and players)
Water Breath: Breathes water on all objects within a certain number of tiles tiles(can be used to put out fires)
Fire Ball: Like Fire Breath, except in ball form
Tsunami: Creates a wave of a certain size. Only damages players. Will put out buildings. Left over splashes from it will also put out people and buildings.

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