Rising Empire

by Michael3131
Rising Empire
Rising Empire, an ever-growing game centered around amazing gameplay and folk lore.
Rising Empire
***LAST UPDATED: November 27, 2008***
Alright, I've taken a bit of a break, but I haven't given up. I've added a new tab for Equipment equipped, as well as updated the weight system, AND battle system!

Currently Developed:
Basic engine
Login system/screen
Different races
Woodcarving, woodcutting, tailoring, fishing, mining
Basic overlay system
Night/Day Time system
Self-moving NPCs
NPC relationship system
Calendar System
Basic Battle System
Torch System
Weight System

Being Developed:
Armor System
Item Damage

Owner/Coder: Michael3131 (Mikal)
Co-Owner/Lore Specialist: Order Induced Chaos (Otto)
Administrator: Sinsalvation (Josh)

Any ideas, suggestions, or complaints your not willing to talk about publically on the forum? You can email me, the creator, at [email protected], or contact me via MSN at: [email protected]