Dragonball GT:The Secret Legends

by Big C-los
Dragonball GT:The Secret Legends
The Legacy will always continue of the Secret Legend.
Welcome To Dragonball GT: The Secret Legends

  • This game is a Dragonball with tons of cool features and updates always happening.

  • Wanna help the game? If so, please make sure you report bugs and/or glitches you have found to the Forum! [You could even receive a reward!] The staff wants to make sure this is a game without any bugs so we can play in a neat, clean enviroment.

  • If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the game, don't hesitate to post them in the Forum.

    [Staff]</ font size="4">

    H Town [Big C-Los] Game Owner Pixel Artist/Mapper
    Pemalite [Pemalite] Co-Owner Programmer/Mapper
    Jaxandalan [Jaxandalan] Co-Owner Programmer/GFX Artist
    Lil C [Big Time Hustler] High Council
    {Open Spot} High Council
    {Open Spot} Staff Member
    Cyrus [The Great Entai] Staff Member
    {Open Spot} Master Enforcer
    Blitzkrieg [Hiro of the Wind] High Enforcer
    Shadow [Shadow01] High Enforcer
    {Open Spot} Low Enforcer
    {Open Spot} Low Enforcer


    Dragonball Z: Battle for Earth

    Dragonball Z:Hierarchy

it says its online but i keep getting fail...
where the hell did this go?
hey big c i could host the server for u and since i have a lot of people that are my friends i could help u and the game to make the game the best dbz game on byond