Star Wars Evolution

by Evolution Gaming
An Original Star Wars Game With Many Great Features.
Just need more people on it. Gets lonely
Awesome game and nice hosters
Im hosting it rite now
Needs major updates :P
How i get other Light Saber color?
this game is a goodgoodgood gammeeeee
this game looks kinda dead...
but it is really good. more people should be playing it.
I'll be playing it. Everyone please if you have time play too, is awesome
This game is the best game of byond !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im a fan !!!!!!!!!!!
why can not I access
uhh i got banned by host for no reason maybe is was cause i wasnt logged on but can you please unban me?
If your looking for good old style bleach pvp game go to:

or simply join the game:
Someone should host this game 24/7. I believe if enough people tried it, it would get a good playerbase.
Yea,people have hosted but are not 24/7 host which causes players to not play. So if someone hosted 24/7 and said they are and what not this game would have a good player base.I would host myself, but I duno how to port forward and what not haha.So..someone plz host 24/7.
I could start hosting. It wouldn't be 24/7 but, I could host consistently, and almost everyday, and you won't lose your saves.
Idk whos been hosting but thye need to put the server back up >.> i was getting the gold crystal and it crashed please put the server back up and ill love you :D
Can someone plz tell me where r all the Crystal for a lightsaber is plz
Serers won't let me join.
can someone please start hosing this game?
Cant join server. Someone needs to fix that.
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