by Cowdude
A Dragon Warrior-themed building game; complete with warps for towns, caves, and multi-level houses!
No, really. Read at least half of this stuff. Stop logging in and asking me "What do you do here?" because I usually pretend to be AFK when people ask that. There's a great chance I'm there and ignoring you if you ask that when I've got this information right here <3

There are no real "Rules", because if you're too stupid to know what you should and shouldn't do, you get banned~ By this, I don't mean "Oh noes, he used fractured grammar *BAN!*". You pretty much have to flood Worldsay or spam some dense tiles around to earn the ban. Chat is logged, and anything you build has a variable set to your key name, so I can ban you and delete all of your stuff even if you're gone :O

When you first log in you'll have your build verbs disabled to prevent people from just logging in and throwing bookcases all over. They will automatically enable themselves after 1 minute for Byond Members or two minutes for normal people. The Make Town verb is also disabled, and only GMs can enable it. They're uberpickey about it for some reason though and may not enable it for you if it's your first time there. Just use the normal Staircase verbs until they decide it's okay to enable it. They try to not enable them for people they feel are "bad at building" or they don't think will ever log in again.
Cant you please open this game so that i can download it and thats it...please please please do it...i love this game!!!!!
In response to Goldensun123
Yeah, it'd be nice. Every now and then I feel like popping in and building something. Too bad the stuff I built is long gone now. LOL
hey Cowdude!!!
long time no seen hehe, i dont know if u remeber me from years back (chaosking) haha we play DWQ alot and i wonder if you still got host files or naruu or someone? could u help me out?!
I agree with Chaosking (btw I think I remember you from DWQ), someone go get Flash to talk to me about that game, I will seriously buy it from him