by Wanabe
Chaotic zombie shooting action game.
Biocrisis is a zombie shooting action game. Help your fellow survivors stick it out in an urban or village environment that has hordes of zombies pouring in. Work together in defending your make-shift fort against overwhelming forces of the undead.

Biocrisis Standalone
Biocrisis Map Editing Files
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- Feat system: Players earn points which can be spent to unlock new abilities. Especially rewarding for veteran players.
- Building system: Players can use collected/earned resources to build barricades, turrets and traps.
- Built in help file: Clicking the "Help File" button opens a help file containing information about the game. Use it to learn controls, read about guns, feats and more.
- Stat recording system: Track your stats such as average kills per game and compare with others.
- Flammable oil physics: Explosives can ignite nearby oil and allows for some dangerous fire traps.
- Destructable environments: Zombies will tear through barricades and walls to get to their prey, players can use explosives to blast open walls or break barricades in their path with melee.
- Byond member benefits: Byond members can unlock more advanced feats and gain feat points 10% faster.
- Subscriber benefits: Subscribers can unlock the most advanced feats and gain feat points 25% faster. (Stacks with Byond Member to 35%)

Compiled in dream maker 512
Add some medals, Abe.
When will Biohazard be hosted again?
Simcra wrote:
When will Biohazard be hosted again?

After some technical difficulties, we finally have another dedicated server going again now.
Vermolius wrote:
Add some medals, Abe.

^^ What he said.
Vermolius wrote:
Vermolius wrote:
Add some medals, Abe.

^^ What he said.

Nah you
when will someone host another game
The server is up again now.
no its down right now
she picking me up?
Like this game its really cool :P
hey wanabe i could probly host for u if u need a back up host
when will the host come back? can one of us host the game?

I have informed the host so next time he's online he should be able to rehost. Saves are server based so if someone else hosts, you will have to start fresh on that server. If the game gets popular enough, we might consider a second dedicated server.
I understand but make more games so if one does not work we have a back up servere to use
wanabe and juzz u guys are awesome is it ok if i make the same game as u guys to have another server ill even put its made buy uncaring and juzz/wanabe
can u put some picture that has us in it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzplz!!!!! i will do anything even eat dirt

u guys nead to freekin make a surver already peaple are getting mad\
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