by Wanabe
Chaotic zombie shooting action game.
If you find any bugs or problems in the game, please post about them on the forum or Byond page me.
I found a bug, sometimes you cant type
... plz tell me this game won't be down like forever like last time -.-
ikr i hate it when that happens
its on right now
this is stupid it wont let me play its because the conection
jesus keep this up or wanabe might need a new host
This game is cool but it wont let me play cause the crappy connection I freakin hate that
needs another server..server has some assholes in it. besides that its a very fun game!
Gotrax post when server will be down or when a storm is coming
ok wanabe im just gonna say it you need 2 or 3 servers because the main server atm keeps crashing and has major lag so please make a decission and let the hub be open to host OR pick another host and keep hub password for hosting.
Please be patient, things just can't happen on the spot. Also storms are very unpredictable, they can spawn or die down at any given moment so Gotrax would have no idea unless he checks the weather constantly. If you would like my opinion, that would be to select another host, or even two, back-up hosts in case that the server would crash randomly.
yea and toopher u need to calm down so he cant just tell when weather comes u need to check it by ur own tv .....
For the last few day we been getting so much lag so u guys neeid a new sever
The lag might be on your end, I have only gotten a little bit of lag here and there. Try to close out other things and raise byonds' primary level to above normal. Then see if you have as much lag or even none at all.
wait i cant get on the server it takes likes 20 minutes
hello again guys
No good, i don't like.
lol that is all
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