by Wanabe
Chaotic zombie shooting action game.
People have been telling me that they are loosing feats. As far as I know I have not lost mine, but I have not logged in since yesterday night.
It turns out that the server was hosted for too long without a reboot. An auto reboot system has been added. The server is down while we complete the patch.
We have a list of all players affected and they will be compensated.
If anyone else has had any problems please post on the forums here:
They are checked daily so please feel free to post.
This game is awesome. Wanabe, Juzz, Gotrax keep on doing what your doing but uhh update once in ahile will ya :)
my feets arent gone
the game is awesome
make a server please
quer merda e isso
this server sucks it dont work
open server
Edit: Due to tech difficulties, the server will be down until early next week. Subs have been given +28 days sub to compensate for the downtime. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.
best game ever when can we play it agian
let us play this game

dang this game is awesome >.>
Great game
Oh lawdy, why no game?
A bear trap in this game would be cool. It only effect non-normal zombies and it stops and injure them, highly useful for charging slabs, ninja hoping scampers, and bosses. It holds them up to three to five seconds before they're able to free themselfs and the trap needs to be reseted by clicking them again. =]
Server PC is unavailable for now. Server will be up again when it is ready to be used. Subs will get bonus time depending on how long its down for. Sorry for the delay.
when is the new version up?
You should make like a 24/7 server
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