Bakugan: Save Vestroia

by Lild4589
Bakugan: Save Vestroia
Bakugan Save Vestroia Is A New And Improved Bakugan game it will feature all characters from the regular show of season 1 (NPC's of course)
this truly will be the first bakugan game on byond
their also will be a choice of your element bakugan and three of the sort will be given randomly and i need coders mappers and iconners
you will have fun with new ranking telling whos the best and guild to built your own team with also a team ranking. Also ranking will go to the top 50 brawlers througout the game...also their will be frequent tourneys for new bakugans and boost ..

Looking for iconner and coder


Naga's element is for members only..!!!!!
Woohoo? I can't wait?
Dragas wrote:
Woohoo? I can't wait?
this is in production i will releae a demo for everyone in about 2 weeks

i need a iconner

yea.... i could icon but badly :(
hey i could do good naruto and pokemon icons and i want a bakugan game ill try to make a bakugan P.s could i be owner, co owner, or GM pls
When will it come out. I'm a Bakugan fan and want to play badly!!11
Arreola ok you can be co owner

Yuszard13 wrote:
When will it come out. I'm a Bakugan fan and want to play badly!!11

give me about 15 days dude
this game is hardto make dueto lack of iconners codders mappers andgms or host

can u host the game so i can try it i am a masive bakugan fan
Guys theres only 1 bakugan game that has at least been hosted once and thats my bakugan game
man can i be the coder
i can icon if you wannt
Uhhh what the hell is this supposed to be? If you guys are waiting for a Bakugan game, wait no longer, there is one already on Beta within 1 week called "Bakugan United Elements". See ya there.
I can host if you want.Just send a message to my pager.
let me host or take it up plz im a bakugan im looking for all bakugan games here on byond i cant find someones that can be nice and take it up yor my only hole :)