Dungeons and Dragons

by PirateHead
Dungeons and Dragons
More roleplaying, less rollplaying.
Play Dungeons and DragonsŪ with friends online using this graphical and textual utility.

E-mail suggestions, comments, or criticisms to piratehead c/o gmail dot com.

Updates: This project has stagnated since I've been busy traveling and doing other things.

Alpha features:
  • Text chat with styling for IC/OOC text and integrated dice-rolling.
  • DM tools to create maps and display them to players.
  • Interactive markers designate players, enemies, and other objects on the encounter map.
  • SRD quickfind to look up rules, monsters, and other DnD source information.
  • Dice macros make stat, save, and skill rolls easier.
  • Import Wizard imports 3E DnD 3.5 XML character sheets for use in-game.
  • Tools for editing and saving character sheets.

Planned features:
  • Tools for exporting XML character sheets.
  • Combat Wizard and tactical map display for smoother gameplay.
  • Integration with free SRD content (Player's Handbook, DM Guide, Monster Manual, Complete Psionics Handbook, Deities and Demigods, etc).
  • Map builder utility with saving and loading of custom maps.

Pipe dreams:
  • Choice of isometric or flat-grid view.
  • Full integration with 3E Profiler software, hosted locally for better speeds and greater integration.
  • High-level scripting language for intricate and sophistocated macros, procedures, and automation.
  • DnD Hub Online to help DMs and players find one another, form games, and get started!

Notice: The creator of this program has no connection to Wizards of the Coast. Any information or other media contained which is not owned by the author is used under the terms of the Open Game Lisence, as allowed by Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro Games.
This shit sucks D:
Add dice+value support for a start.
Also annoying popup boxes.

well, if its a dnd game, i might be interested, is it at all dnd?