by Zocruze
this game is new so i hope u like it it has very good iconing and i hope u enjoy it ^^
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Tournys For Captains:

Tournys for captains will be held by either Zocruze,Rodney,or Shadow1EZ

~Captain of the first division(SS commander):
~Captain of the second division:
~Captain of the third division:
~Captain of the fourth devision:
~Captain of the fifth devision:
~Captain of the sixth devision:
~Captain of the seventh devision:
~Captain of the eighth devision:
~Captain of the ninth devision:
~Captain of the tenth devision:
~Captain of the eleventh devision:
~Captain of the twelvth Division:
~Captain of the thirteenth Division:

..:::SS commander:
..:::Sado Leader:
..:::Quincy Leader:Rodney
..:::Vaizard Leader:Shadow1EZ
..:::Heuco Mundo/Espada Leader(Aizen<FONT

..:::Aizen followers(Tousen):
..:::Aizen followers(Gin):
..:::Bounto Leader:
..:::Inoue Leader:

It will be a rip until the real game comes out so plz dont wuit just bcause its a rip >< it will be better than the rip trust me.I will make this the best bleach game on byond and hopefully u guys will rank it as number 1. Go to forums for more information.That is all for now.

Open spots for iconners,coders,and mappers. And u also get a chance in being in my guild ehich we have our own member page o.o. Go to forums to sign up for guild.^^
..::Rankers Who Rank This Game Gets Boost of::...

~Rank 1:200k Hp/70k attack/100k rei/and 50k defense
~Rank 2:100k Hp/40k attack/50k rei/and 30k defense