Starting my first 7DRL attempt tonight. Probably overly ambitious of me but that's how I roll.
BTW I forgot to remind that the 24th isn't the last day you can start one. It's 168 hours or less, so if you're a hardcore developer and don't even need the full 7 days, you can submit a game made in less time. It still needs to be submitted before May though.
I can't figure out how I want to make this game. I'm so used to making action games where you move around freely and attack rapidly that I can't figure out how to make this slower, more tactical turn-based system fun and unique. I don't have a single line of code written for the battle system, just a bunch of art and a dungeon that's half way designed.

Lol, but this is a contest so the important thing is that I'm being challenged. I'm probably going to fail hard though. =/

I'm starting tonight.
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I bet you that I can pull it off.
Well we're both going to be making 2DRL because I just decided I'm not using anything I just spent all this time creating.
I lied.

But no seriously, if I had more time(and if I had seen the post sooner), I would have entered.
Tomorrow is the last day to submit your roguelikes!
Don't know if you're still doing reviews of games that weren't completed in 7 days, but here's my entry.

You can't eat anything and ranged weapons don't work. Other than that, the game is pretty much completed. I don't think I'll come back to it unless I get a really big positive reaction.

It was fun to make, but life definitely got in the way of actually finishing it off. Hope someone else was lucky enough to finish their entry! (:
How many days was it? I'll just put xDRL for all the entries that weren't 7 days.
Well it would've been seven days if I hadn't worked on it for an hour tonight just making it presentable/playable.

If you really want a number it's been 17 days. (Since the 12th.)
Bah. Had some things come up so didn't get to do it.
I should've taken my own advice and planned the game a bit before jumping in. Because I didn't, I used up like 5 of my days making a bunch of art, only to realize it was going to clash with some things and I didn't know how I was going to make the gameplay work either. It was looking like this:


So basically I made a 5DT ( 5 day tileset ). Epic fail xD
5DT? That's pretty funny.

I must say, I do like your artwork.
You can have it. Either that or it'll just rot with the other hundred sprites I have rotting on my flash drive. This is like, project 100 that I've spent days drawing art for, but never actually finished.
did you do reviews on our roguelikes?

And then the site decided to discard it. It's in Off Topic.
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Can I have it?
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