Bleach: Rise Of the Quincie

by Deathro
Bleach: Rise Of the Quincie
-.-.Game Rules.-.-
* Dont Insult GMS
* if You have a Dispute settle it in court
* Dont harras Other players
* Dont spam
* do not complain about the leveling
*dont ask for codes
*dont ask for edits
*dont ask for vaizard
*dont ask for espada

Court Rules

When I,thou judge ask you to come up to the stands come up to the stands
Do not speak out of turn
dont yell I OBJECT!!!!!!!!!! under the grounds of toast ro whatever ti will be overuled
Dont Complain about being in court
Dont try to exit the stands

Jury 1:
Jury 2:
Jury 3:
Jury 4:
Jury 5:

GM RULES! This is only 3 rules dont break them and u will be fine
Dont Ban for no reason
Dont Abuse
Dont Insult other players just cause ur higher status then them

Also the popup rules are affected by the hub too!