Pokemon Trainers Challenge

by Xyphon101
A great non-ripped Pokemon game.
I don't mind as long as my favorite game is back up. <3 Please do your best to put it back up.
Nice to see this is back. Loaded my old file and apparently I forgot that I was Water GL.
In response to LwoJX3
Do you think that the 2nd region will come back? That was a nice twist on things.
In response to TheJokxification
That's exactly why I want to take my time with it. If I can get Xy to come back to the game then it would work even better. We might even finish off the 2nd and 3rd region.
In response to LwoJX3
And now my file won't seem to load.
I would love it if this game came back. I hope you guys bring it back. I want to play it again.
Lwo can you please make this game open host?
Wow, I hope this game comes up!
byond:// come on...the game is back up :D there doesn't seem to be any notice-able bugs
I want another come back for this game. I fell in love with it a number of years back on a friends account. whole reason I made a byond account was to play this.
please bring this game back i wanna feel young again lol
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