Naruto The World Of Chaos

by Electric Freak
to get a boost rank or bring atleast 2 more players 2 the game
Owner: Electric Freak, Killaxx
Co Owner: CoolJMP, Batman009
Gm: Galiant4000

Coder: Electric Freak
Iconner: Killaxx, Galiant4000
Mapper : Killaxx

Player Rules:

Respect all Gms and Owners
No Asking for Gm or Kage - Earn It
No Spamming
No Multikeying
No Academy Killing
No Spawn Killing
No Asking for tourney or exams

Gm Rules:

No Abusing Powers
No Multiclanning - Ask Me


Hokage -
Kazekage -
Raikage -
Tsuchikage -
Mizukage -
Amekage -
Otokage -
Waterfall Hero -
Snow Feudal Lord -
Akatsuki Leader -
AKAT CoLeader -
SO Leader -
SO Co-Leader -

1st Hokage Clan = 0%
2nd Hokage Clan = 100%
Hebi Oragnation
Sound 5
Giving clans more jutsus