by Jittai
A survival game that takes place in an archipelago with other people in the struggle to live.
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Jittai wrote:
Also what is wrong with the inventory system? What don't you like about it?

There isn't one any more from what i can see.

You can hold things in your hand, and use anything as a weapon or store it in one of the three empty slots next to it, I wanted to try out a slot based inventory.
i still couldn't figure out how to combine things jittai. it's not working when i try to make a fire, the branch and flints disappear.
Ok, I'll just revert it to the old inventory system then.
that's cool. and also, Adamadam762, i can't join your server
Chances are not everyone reads this, try paging him.
Jittai, combining still doesn't work for some reason.
Works fine for me. What exactly are you doing?
i drop a branch and then i put 1 of the flints in the combine box (i have 2) and i press the button that says spark, and the branch disappears.
i stand over the branch too
i think only fire is glitched. i made some other things and they worked.
I'll look into it.
I enjoy your creativity brosemite.
Yeah i still love playing it
Did you have any luck on seeing whats wrong with the fire? I've also found out that some icons are missing I think. I dropped a hammer but i couldn't find it on the ground.
The hammer stuff should be fixed now. What is the issue with fires?
I drop the branch. While standing over it, I use the 2 flints to create a spark. The branch just disappears instead of creating the fire. The hammer didn't do any better either.
Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.
OK fire's working now, the hammer problem's still the same
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