Naruto, Ninja Arts!

by Asakuraboy
Naruto, Ninja Arts!
A long standing Byond game, continually updated, that progresses alongside the series. Challenge the world of Ninjas, alone or alongside friends to discover your Nindo!
Asakuraboy I'm sorry man, but can you unban me and player-wipe my character please because I'm bored and i wanna play NNA.

Thank you for your time bye.
I don't care what you are or what you want, you break my games rules so many times and show such a damned disregard for the other players. You will not be unbanned until we change version at integer, deal with it.
come on man ask anyone on your game how many time i broke the rules and you ban me because i had two clans that not a could have just pwipe me and fix the code like you already did and you said "show such a damned disregard for the other players" but i help them in any way i can ask Killer and a few other nubs who don't know how to play your game,you have GM's who don't give a shit about helping the nubs, but Nick is helpful because he try to help me with the two clan problem but he could i don't know why.That's what i would call a dedicated GM.
I don't care what you think, about anything for reasons afore mentioned. We help the newbies, we don't make it easy for them granted, but that's part and parcel of playing a damn game.

Deal with your punishment.
Please be so polite with a nub asakura ^^
come on i final got to level 62 and you host ban me on my Weston-w some on man i didn't even cheat ask Tammer,Indigo and others i know it.
i logged in ur acnt and all mine got banned... thx lol
ur welcome,lol.
lol just unban him
LOL im banned at again for something i didnt even do(stupid glitch XD) but i have to say i love this game even if im banned because they work hard so guys like me can have enjoy a awesome naruto game like this and i love this screenshot i took before i got ban XD
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